In 2018, the founders of EDC YYC found two issues. People weren't getting outdoors, and people weren't prepared when doing these daily activities.


They decided to create a brand that would fulfill two goals to solve these issues. To show people how to be prepared for everyday life, and to promote getting outdoors by showing how amazing the outdoors truly is. 

The solution? EDC YYC.

Today, they've found out a couple things. As much as people need EDC Kits, buying gear can be expensive. But what isn't expensive is the knowledge to make your own kits, get your own supplies, and LEARN how to be prepared for anything. What we are now dedicating EDC YYC to is providing manuals, how-to lists, and packing lists to provide with the knowledge to be better prepared on a daily basis. The best part? They start as low as a dollar. Preparedness never felt so great.

So whether you're just getting into the outdoors, or you're looking to be more prepared when you do get outdoors...


Welcome to the EDC YYC Community.