Daily Preparedness Mindset

Something that is extremely important to us, and that we believe is of equal importance of having an EDC Kit and knowing how to use it is having the Daily Preparedness Mindset, or the DPM for short.

What is the DPM?

It is the mindset that drives you to think about how you can be prepared in almost every single situation day-to-day. For example, what do you need to be prepared on your drive into work? While you're at work? During your weekend activities? While you're at home? When you're out and about? Are you prepared on a daily basis? Because if you're not prepared, you're setting yourself up for a potential disaster.

That being said... We don't mean that you have to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse on a daily basis... We also don't mean that if you aren't prepared, something is inevitably going to go wrong.

What we mean by the DPM is to take a couple of minutes every day and go through the following checklist:

(1) What do most of my days typically look like?

Think about weekdays versus weekends, versus special events. Plan out and think about your typical plan of action day-to-day.

(2) What will I be doing today?

After figuring out what your macro routine is, figure out what each day will actually entail, how long your day will be, where you will be, and what things (shops, restaurants, etc.) will be around you.

(3) How can I make sure that I am prepared for the entire day?

Now that you've planned the day... It's time to break your day down into each major activity. Driving and travel, working, going out, being at home. For most people, this is what most days entail. So you need to think about what could potentially occur in each of these scenarios, and what might you need to have with you to be prepared for it?

(4) Prepare for each activity

As we mentioned in #3, the most common major activities are driving, travel, working, going out and being at home. The next step is to think about what dangers and situations are most common to occur during each of your major activities? Now, prepare for each activity by having with you 1-2 items that could help you if one of these incidents occurs.

In short, the DPM is a way in which you can create a mental checklist first thing each day to make sure that you are prepared for your daily routine in almost any scenario.

Stay prepared, stay safe, and always #carryakit.

The EDC Team

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