New year, new us?

We realize that we've SERIOUSLY been slaking on the blog posts. Like, dang.

But with a new year comes new actions. If you follow us on social media, you'll see that our Insta is taking a break. We've had amazing support and traction there, but we won't be pushing out daily posts like we did.

However, we'll definitely be switching over to our twitter feed MUCH more.

So make sure to give us a follow on Twitter to keep up to date on Daily Hikes, Travelling, stuff about Alberta, Outdoors, and much more.

We'll also be doing more frequent posts about store updates, new products, products we're taking down, and things about the website.

Go to twitter, and find @edcyyc, and look for the red logo.

We hope to see you there!


But enough about that... Let's talk about the blog for a hot minute. As we mentioned, we slacked on the blog. That's obvious. But what we're going to be doing a lot more on the blog is giving you guys tidbits of knowledge and sneakpeaks into the manuals that we're putting up on the store. This way, you can read about them here, and get an idea of it's something that you'd like to buy. That way, you have a leg up on the people that don't follow the blog in the first place.

We're also going to be up here more consistently. We won't commit to something that we won't be able to accomplish, but we will commit to getting up weekly blog posts for you guys, whether you're just visiting the store, or whether you're a store member.

So thanks for coming by, and we'll see you soon!

The EDC team.

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