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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the very first EDC YYC blog!! Here we want to go in detail about our brand, our kits, the 'outdoor mindset', and just general fun about EDC, survival and the outdoors!

As for now, we just want to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who has supported us so far by buying kits and supplies, sent us messages and emails, been a part of our social media community, and has become a part of the EDC YYC community. We really can't do it without everyone!

But, let's go into our brand... Isn't it just a red circle that sells stuff? Yes and no... Mostly no. We DO sell EDC kits and supplies because, well we believe that being prepared with items like the ones that we provide is essential for everyone.

What else is our brand? If you're a part of our Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages, you'll know and see that it's much more than just the kits and gear. It's about getting outside to experience the outdoors. Whether that's taking a road trip, walking in your neighbourhood, or heading out to the mountains (or whatever kind of outdoors you live by), getting outdoors and truly experiencing life outdoors is... Well it's just amazing.

You get to see new things, meet new people, have new conversations with people who you're close with, have a minute or two of silence and reflection and you can learn so much just by getting outdoors.

For us, our brand isn't just EDC kits and everyday gear... It's a mentality and a mindset that life is better experienced in the great outdoors. However, we exist because we know that heading outdoors can open you up to a host of new things that you may regularly not have the supplies to be prepared for.

For example, do you always have booster cables in your car if you're heading out on a road trip? Do you have a bear bell if you're taking on a new hike? Do you have a first aid kit just in case someone (*ahem* kids *ahem*) has an accident? If you're heading camping or glamping for the weekend, do you have gear to get your campfire going? Do you have a poncho or layers in case it rains or gets cold on a hike?

This is just a teeny tiny splash of examples of things that can happen to you when you least expect it. These here are also the exact scenarios that we want to help teach you about, and provide kits for so that you can be prepared.

Because after all... Life happens to us all. Be prepared when life happens.

We look forward to you coming back for more blogs, and don't forget to sign up and subscribe to our weekly email list on the subscribe page on our site, right here:


We'll keep you up to date on any new blogs, posts, and products that hit the website!

Stay prepared, and always #carryakit.

The team,


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