Paracord - the real MVP

It's fairly certain that at one point or another, we've all seen someone use paracord... You may have even used a time or two yourself!

But... What EXACTLY can you use paracord for? If you google it, or look it up on pinterest, you'll find links of 80 ways to use, or 10 everyday uses, or stuff like that.


After all.... What good IS a thin, slippery, rope-link thingie that no one really knows how to use... Okay that came out wrong.

But how CAN you use paracord? Well, coming soon to the manual section of the EDC YYC website is a comprehensive list of all the ways we have found (and that we know of) that you can use paracord.

But for now, we want to give you a snapshot of 8 neat and interesting ways it can be used. These are some odd ones that we have experienced on our own, and give you a taste of how versatile and handy paracord can be.

1. Survival Crampon - if it's slick with snow outside, take paracord, and some fallen fir needles bunches, and create an "X" shape with the cord (tying down the branch) and you have an emergency crampon so you don't slip as much. It's weird... But we've tried it... And it works.

2. A belt - out on a hike and pants are falling down? Not to worry. Measure out and cut 2 lengths of paracord. Wrap through a belt-loop or around your waist and you're good as gold.

3. Dog leash - this takes some work tying the knots, but there's TONNES of videos out there on this. Just make braid-like formations with the cord in the length you need and BAM! El' pupperino is secure.

4. Boot laces - ever been on a hike and blown a boot lace? Real bummer. If you have paracord, simply pull out the busted laces, and replace with cord. Durable, functional and oh so fashionable too.

5. Hair tie - ladies... and those gents rocking man-buns (still a thing?). This one's for you. If you lose or bust your hair tie, paracord can be knotted up in a circle and since its kind of elastic can make a impromptu replacement for a hair tie.

6. Engine pull cord - a.... A what? Yes. Paracord takes a lot to melt. So if you're at home, and the engine pullcord breaks halfway, then tie it up with paracord and you have a quick fix before the mechanic is able to fix it for real. (Seriously, it ACTUALLY works... Wack).

7. Clothesline - if you're camping, or simply looking for a cheap alternative for clothesline, then paracord is the way to go. It usually comes in 25 or 50 foot bundles, so that's lots of line to hang clothes on.


8. (get ready Jack Sparrow) Make a raft - a friggin RAFT? Yes. Find logs and other floaty devices, and tie together with paracord. If you're looking for an even more survivaly and SHTF trick, get a waterproof bag, fill it with air, and seal. Secure this to yourself with paracord and you have a lifejacket. Isn't that nifty?

These are just 8 unique (and odd) ways that you can use paracord. It's a good survival tool in some unique and dire circumstances, and also some everyday circumstances too.

Remember to keep an eye on the manual store for this how-to manual to show you countless ways to use paracord.

Thanks for reading,

The EDC Team

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